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Tecre Tips

When assembling accessories to the Versa-Back buttons, use a needle nose pliers to make the process easier.

Key chain buttons are easy to make with Tecre's key chain button making supplies. The backs have a small slot on the outer rim that allows a chain to snap in. Key chain backs are offered in the 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2-1/4" round button size. To learn how to make a key chain button please refer to our resource pages.

Medallions, made with the patented third press operation, are a great way to customize a trophy or award

The bottle openers are an excellent promotional item for taverns and restaurants. You can also market them to micro-breweries as a promotional product for all their current and new products

When printing graphics a full bleed runs to the cut line. Tecre recommends the bleed stops 1/8" before the cut line. This will save money on ink and help make a better button. Visit our resource pages for the bleed line layout for your button size.

Have a great fabric? Why not make it into a button! Tecre can adjust most button making machines to work with fabric. If you are interested in getting a fabric button maker machine please contact Tecre.

Advertise to schools, sports teams, booster clubs and local recreation departments that you make photo buttons. Not only will you pick up new business, but there is an opportunity of repeat business in future seasons.

Coasters are a wonderful promotional product or souvenir. By purchasing a coaster insert with your Model 350 Tecre button maker machine, you can add a new product to your line without the additional cost of another button maker.

Improve your bottom line by expanding your product line! When you buy a Tecre button maker machine you are not only adding one product to your line, you could be adding various products with only one button machine.

The next time you send out invoices include a button sample and let your customers market the product. Remember word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

Buttons are great for events. They can be used as name tags for class reunions or parties. Take a digital camera along and make photo buttons, magnets, mirrors, bottle openers or key chains as souvenirs for the event.

Custom gifts are very popular. A 6" button can be converted into a clock by using the clock punch and punch board in the button maker machine.

Buttons are great for fund raisers and benefits. Due to low cost and high profit margins, they are an excellent source to raise funds as well as advertise the event.

Magnets have numerous purposes. Use them with a photo, promote your business with a magnet, or sell them as a souvenir.

Separate yourself from the competition with Tecre's unique oval size. Watch for our continually expanding product line.

Take your business information and make it into one of the various magnet button sizes. That way your information is always visible to the customer on their refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Mirrors can make a great promotional product as well as personalized gifts for events such as weddings. They are offered in seven different button sizes.

Think outside the button. By using your imagination, there is no limit to what button making supplies can be transformed into. With the right accessory a simple button can be made into a new hot item!