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Frequently Asked Questions about Button Making

What do I need to get started with button making?

A general button making kit would consist of three items to get you started making buttons: 

  1. Button maker machine.  Tecre offers a manual button machine and also an electric button machine for higher volume production. For more information on these two button making machine options, visit our button blog.
  2. Something to cut your button graphics.  Tecre offers graphic punches and the adjustable rotary cutter for low volume production and the die cutting press for high volume needs. 
  3. Button making supplies.  Tecre offers a wide variety of button supplies and accessories to meet your button making needs.  Button supplies are sold in complete sets but also can be purchased in individual pieces. 

If you need assistance with the graphics for your buttons, Tecre offers layout guides here.  Also, you may visit our blog for savvy button making graphic tips

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What button size is best for me?

In determining the size that is right for you, you want to consider industry you will be targeting.  Many industries have a standard size button that is preferred.  For example, the political industry favors the 2-1/4" size while 3" is a very popular size in the photo industry. The promotional industry is not limited to one size.  You also want to take into consideration what type of product you want to produce such as key chains, magnets, mirrors or coasters.  Many of Tecre's button sizes offer a variety of products options.  If you are still unsure what size to purchase you can contact Tecre for button samples of the sizes you may be interested in! 

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How do I use the button maker machine?  How do I make a button?

You can find a full list of button machine and supply instructions on our products on our downloads page or in the back of our catalog.  Still have questions?  Please call us at (920)922-9168. 

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What is the warranty on the manual button maker machine?

Warranty details on the Tecre button maker machine can be found here.  Tecre has staff prepared to assist you with almost any issue your button maker can encounter.  An issue such as a machine jam, which results from loading too many parts in the machine, can almost always be resolved over the telephone.  You also have the option to send in your button maker machine for repairs at our facility.  Repair costs are typically minimal.  If you have any questions on the the warranty of the button making machine please call us at (920)922-9168.   

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How many buttons can my button maker machine make per hour?

Production times can vary dependent on the speed of the operator.  Typically, however, the manual button maker can make about 200-300 buttons per hour.  The electric button maker machine is capable of producing up to 1,140 buttons per hour at its maximum speed but most operators will operate at 600-800 per hour.  If you would like more information on these two button machines and production capacity, please visit our blog.

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Can my manual button machine produce more than one button size?

Tecre sets up each manual button maker machine to produce only one size.  If you are looking for a button maker that is capable of producing multiple sizes, you may want to look at the electric button maker machine which has interchangeable diesets to produce multiple shapes and sizes.

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What is B.A.M.?

B.A.M. is the abbreviated form of Badge-A-Minit.  Badge-A-Minit's button sizes are slightly different from the industry standard.  Tecre does produce button supplies that will work in these machines.  If you have a Badge-A-Minit button machine, you will need to be sure to purchase B.A.M. button making supplies to work with your button maker. 

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What kind of graphic software should I use to make my button graphics?

There are multiple graphic software package options.  Graphic softare can range in both price and performance.  The software Print Artist is a well-known, basic, low cost software that can help you get started with button making. Other softwares are more complex and will give you more editing opportunitites.  Many button makers opt for software such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. A representative at an office supply store should be able to assist you in finding the best software to fit your needs.

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How do I make a button graphic?

There are many options to making a graphic.  The templates available on our site will help you determine the necessary size of your graphic.  You can produce your own graphic with graphic software (see above question) or you can get creative with other materials!   Visit Free Resources for Button Making on Tecre's Button Blog for some unique button making ideas. 

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What type of paper should I use to make a button?

Simple graphics can be printed on regular copy paper and produce great results.  If you are printing a high resolution photo you may want to print on a photo quality paper to achieve optimal results.  There are many paper options available so to help you identify what some of these options are and which are most appropriate for our button equipment, please visit our blog post The Great Paper Debate. 

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How thick of paper can I use?

The Tecre button maker machine works best with paper that is between 22 lbs. and 28 lbs.  Some button makers are available with a photo option which allows it to accomodate thicker photographic material without any issues.  Some of Tecre's button machines can even accomodate other materials such as fabric.  This requires receiving in samples of your material and a special setup of the machine dies.  If you would like more information on this possibility, please call us at (920)922-9168. 

If you would like a more in depth analaysis of your paper options, please visit our Great Paper Debate blog post.

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Do I need to order the button making supplies in complete sets?

Tecre's button supplies are listed in complete sets on the website.  Any of the pieces of the button set can be purchased separately in any quantity.  Individual pieces such as the mylar and the button accessories can be found under Accessories on our site.  If you require extra shells or backs please contact us at (920)922-9168 or (800)394-9168 to receiving pricing.

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Where can I see the Tecre button maker machine in action?

Videos are available on our blog as well as Youtube.  Hoping to see the Tecre button maker machine in person?  Check back with our trade show schedule to see if we will be at a show near you!

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How do I achieve wholesale pricing?

Tecre has many resellers of their button making equipment and button making supplies.  There are some guidelines in place that would need to be met in order to become an official reseller.  If you are interested in this possibility and would like more information, please email us at    

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What is the difference between closed and open corners?

The corners of your square or rectangle button will appear differently depending on what type of cutter you use to cut your button graphics.  The closed corner seen above can only be achieved with the die cutting press.  If you would like more information on the die cutting press, please see here.   

Tecre's graphic punches will produce an open corner appearance on the square and rectangle buttons.

For a comprehensive view of your cutting options, please visit Tecre's blog.

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What else can I make with my Tecre button maker machine?

Many of Tecre's button makers have the capacity to produce a variety of different products.  Here are just some ideas to get you started:

Mirror buttons

Key chains

Bottle openers





Versa-Back and Zipper pull key chains


•Promotional buttons

  • Campaign buttons
  • Buttons promoting sales and specials
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Buttons announcing upcoming events
  • Team spirit buttons
  • Buttons for events or fundraisers
  • Business card buttons or magnets

•Name tags

•Photo buttons

•Fabric buttons

•Crafts & gifts

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Do I need a special button maker to make magnets, mirrors, key chains, etc?

Nope.  Each Tecre button maker machinie is capable of producing different items depending on the parts that are loaded in the machine.  The 2.25" button maker is the most versatile machine with the ability to make magnets, mirrors, key chains, bottle openers, prongback buttons, and more! 

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What is the Patented Third Press Operation for "Flat Back" buttons?

When a button is made with a plastic back such as those used for medallions, the rim of the button is crimped at aproximately a 45 degree angle.  The picture on the lower left shows what this may look like.  Because of TEcre's patented Third Press Operation (#6,393,686), this 45 degree angle flange can be pressed down onto the flat back.  This will make for a more secure and flat crimp.  The Third Press Operation can be done on the 1", 2", and 6" button sizes. 

The flatback button can be mounted directly onto plaques, trophies, and other applications with two-sided peel and stick foam disks.

Cross section of a standard six inch button

Cross section of a button after the Third Press Operation

Cross section of a
standard six inch button

Cross section of a button
after the Third Press Operation

See the difference?  The process is easy!

  1. Make your button as your typically would with plastic flat back. 
  2. Return the button face-up into the pick-up die (the second station) of the button maker (where the shell, graphic and mylar were first placed when the button was made).
  3. Pull the handle down to the lower limit of its stroke to flatten the edges of your button. If you are using a manual button maker the third press will require just a bit more force.

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I don't have a Tecre button maker machine.  Will your parts still work with my  button maker?

It's always best to contact us to receive samples of the button supplies for you to test in the button making machine you have.  You may request samples by call us at (920)922-9168 or emailing us at  

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What is this metal disk (shim) that came with my mirrors?

That metal disk is what we call a shim.  The shim acts like a spring between the mirror and the shell of a made mirror button.  Without the shim, the mirror would move freely and rattle around.  For more instructions on how to make the mirror please click here

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What types of button accessories do you have?

We offer more than just button making machines.  We provide the button making supplies and accessories that help you create quality buttons that last!

Accessories include:

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